Colors that’ll make you feel happier!

Choosing the right color for your bedroom can have a significant impact on your quality of sleep and overall mood. The color of your walls, bedding, and decor can affect the way you feel when you enter your bedroom, so it’s important to choose a color that suits your individual style and promotes relaxation.

So, what are the best bedroom paint color ideas for a calm and cozy sleep? Our interior design experts rank their top 5 wall color choices. 

Blue on Blue Bedroom

Blue is a calming color that is often associated with serenity and relaxation. Blue can be used in a variety of shades, from pale sky blue to deep navy, and it pairs well with other calming colors like white and gray.

You can never go wrong with blue in a bedroom, so why not blue on blue for an ever bigger win. Choose two shades on the same color card and you’ll be sure to have complimenting hues. For a classic look, use the darker color on the trim for the look of a tailored frame.

Light French Gray

Next on our top bedroom wall color ideas list is Light French Gray. We love the versatility of this neutral gray which leans a bit cooler with slight undertones of blue and brown.

This calm and serene wall color works much better for bedrooms. It can open up a smaller room’s look and feel while offering enough contrast against stark white trim and white bedroom ceilings.

Sage Green

Sage Green is another calming color that can help promote relaxation and tranquility in the bedroom. It is also associated with nature and can create a peaceful and restful atmosphere. Sage green is a popular choice for bedroom walls, and it can be paired with natural wood tones or white bedding for a fresh and calming look.

Crisp White

White is a classic color that has been used in interior design for centuries. It’s a versatile and timeless color that can be used in a variety of ways to create a clean, fresh, and modern look. One of the best ways to incorporate white into your design scheme is to go for a crisp, clean white.

This color is a great choice for creating a clean and fresh look in any room. It’s a bright and vibrant color that reflects light well, making it perfect for small spaces or areas that lack natural light.


Lilac is a soft and soothing color that has become increasingly popular in interior design, particularly in bedroom design. This delicate shade of purple can create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in any space, making it a great choice for bedrooms.

Lilac is a calming color that promotes relaxation and calmness, making it an ideal color for a bedroom. It has a soft and serene quality that can help to reduce stress and anxiety, and promote restful sleep. When used on walls or bedding, lilac can create a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom.

When choosing a color for your bedroom, it’s important to consider your own personal style and preferences. While these colors are known for their calming and soothing properties, you may find that a brighter or bolder color suits your individual taste. Ultimately, the best color for your bedroom is one that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find the perfect color.

If you’re looking to choose the best color for your bedroom, our team of experts is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a beautiful and relaxing bedroom that suits your individual style and needs.

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